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Black Transmen of Ohio 

A safe, supportive and empowering home for transmen of color in Ohio.


We Recognize 

… that black and brown Transmasculine people live at a multifaceted intersectionality whose nuances are often overlooked or excluded altogether. 

Upcoming Events

Image by Benjamin Suter

What We Offer


Community building

& Resources

Image by Michael Bowman

C. N.

When I was newly trans, this is exactly what I was looking for while searching for resources and a place to feel included


M. B.

Meeting y’all has really changed the game for me and I’m just so filled with gratitude and am constantly wanting to see this organization just continue to grow and be abundant.

$25 - $49

Thank you for your donations! 

Stephanie Pope-Abramowitz - $25

Alicia Stewart - $30

Nicole Thomas Consulting - $30

Lauren Dieck - $30

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